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August 11- *Chardev has several bugs, namely the belt, bracers are not actually available in 391, also stats on gear change sometimes due to incorrect tooltips/fixes .
I was just wondering if theres a suck spreadsheet or anything available to find out the max dps possible and best in slot gear available for Shaman best in Shaman best in slot slot a Elemental shaman. Pre .
I hit a very big bonus on the Shaman's Magic slot machine at the casino today. This Shaman's Magic video slot machine feature round had a bunch of stacked .
Find -- GLADIATOR SHAMAN (s8 + 9) -- BEST IN SLOT RESTO / ELEMENTAL PVP GEAR -- ORIGINAL OWNER -- in the Game Accounts - World Of Warcraft US - Accounts - Shaman .
Forum; MMORPG Buy Sell Trade; WoW Accounts Buy Sell Trading; WoW Euro Accounts Trading Auctions Buy Sell; WTS: 6200 GS elemental shaman! Best in slot pvp gear. 4 .
With Patch 3.3.2 coming next week it is time to put out my best in Slot list. This loot list will be based on Normal version raid loot since Heroic modes are not .
Anyone know where i can see the best in slot resto shaman pve gear ?
Hi All, I've been playing around with various collections of gear to try and work out what would be an optimal gear set to head into Heroic ICC 10. Most discussions I .
Once again we find ourselves with new content and as a result new upgrades. Our tier sets await us as well as many more foes that must be conquered. That
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This list is for Horde shamans (expect an Alliance list in the near future): 258 Suffering's End 258 Bastion of Resolve 245 Totem of Electrifying Wind
When I was a young shaman a month into level 70, Black Temple and Hyjal were considered
Elemental Shaman Best-In-Slot Gear set Naxx/Maly/Sart level.
  • Welcome to the Resto Shaman wiki for the Wrath of the Lich King! This reference guide would


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