Funny facebook pranks status

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Funny Status Ideas - Want some hilarious Funny facebook pranks status ideas for your facebook status update? We have all the funniest, witty, clever and hilarious status updates here. You will .
I have my friend's facebook password and I want to play a funny on prank on him. What should it be? information, portal, expanding, your, horizons
Funny facebook status sayings For Free Funny facebook status sayings Daily Funny facebook status sayings Best Funny facebook status sayings Canada Funny .
Check out these funny Facebook jokes, Facebook Cartoons, Short Facebook jokes, Facebook-Myspace- Twitter jokes, hilarious Facebook status updates and
Funny sayings for facebook status says �� happy C eh N eh D eh Day eh! Funny status messages for facebook says �� only in Canada. .. are there handicap parking .
Here are some hilarious facebook status ideas for you to use when facebook raping your friends! All you have to do for this facebook prank, is wait until your friend .
A funny prank to play on to your friends. Redirecting Code: Scary Pop Up: URL Shortener .
Best Answer: Some of the ones above are really good and to be honest I am not that clever. BUT there is a facebook app called Status King that has thousands of good . is collection of funny, cool, and picture away messages. Use them with AIM or a status message for Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace.
Tweet; Time for a little Facebook prank action! This week
Here is a link which link to self facebook profile which you can use to play prank and have some

Funny facebook pranks status

nice time with your friends on Facebook.
Facebook gives all users a way to share their love and feelings with everyone their parents, friends, relatives and all other Homies. Love can be shared in different .
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